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$ 15,000 California Notary Bond

$100,000 Errors and Omissions (4 year)

(1) Notary Seal

A Notary Public bond protects the public. The Errors and Omissions coverage that is purchased will protect the Notary. E&O (Errors & Omissions) insurance provides protection in the event the Notary commits a negligent act or makes an error or omission while acting as a Notary Public. If this error or omission causes a loss to the public and the Notary Public is held liable. The Notary Public is legally obligated to pay for that loss, E&O coverage responds.

After you have successfully passed the Notary Public Exam, the Secretary of State will be mailing a package to you containing:
Your commission certificate and/or
2) Your CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION You will need to purchase bonding insurance (to protect the public) and we strongly recommend you get E&O (Errors and Omission) insurance (to protect you). We offer insurance options from $15k to $100k.

BEFORE you can receive a Notary Public Seal or Stamp, or insurance, California Notary Academy needs the following after you place your order:

The original CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION - Mail this to California Notary Academy, PO Box 729 Oakley, CA 94561. We must receive the original; copies will not be accepted.

IMPORTANT LEGAL NOTICE: We CANNOT ship Notary Public Seals or Stamps without receiving the original CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION. We must get this original document so the manufacturer can produce your Notary Seal or Stamp.

The seal maker sends the CERTIFICATE OF AUTHORIZATION back to the Secretary of State and a record of your seal imprint is kept on file.

Your COMMISSION - Your Commission information is needed for your bonding and insurance. You can e-mail a copy of the commission to help@notarypubliceducation.com or make a hard copy of it and send it to Notary Public Education, PO Box 729 Oakley, CA 94561, or fax it to 925-401-9524.

If you have any questions please give us a call @ 925-234-8897. Process time is 10 days from the date you send it to us.
If you want a customized package, call us at 925-234-8897 or send an e-mail with your request to Info@CaliforniaNotaryAcademy.com.

  • Notary Public Education can overnight ship your Bond and/or Errors & Omissions. If order and paperwork is received by 3pm you can have your Bond and/or Errors & Omissions the next business day for a $25,00 express charge. To take advantage of this service please add the Overnight Express item to your cart. .